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Wanderlust Dreams in Turquoise

Posted on 23 March 2016

So we went to Vegas with a few things in mind. First, find new beautiful American made designs to bring back home for you. Second, have a little fun, and third, go to the turquoise shop in Arizona that we had been obsessing over. All of this was accomplished, and so much more. We want to take you through the last bit of our journey, the drive to Arizona to hand pick locally mined and processed turquoise.

After finishing our last market in Vegas and full of anticipation and coffee, we jumped into our rental, finally Arizona bound, with visions of turquoise dancing in our heads. Out on the open road with a wind warning in effect, our car swayed swiftly from one lane to the next. According to our iPhones, at a reduced speed, we would make it to my turquoise Mecca with an hour to spare, so we decided to slow down and take in the splendor of the semi mountainous terrain, a landscape our Texas eyes rarely have a chance to enjoy.

Along the way we stopped at a scenic view spot to take it all in. To say it was breath-taking is putting it lightly. We were in absolute awe over the beauty of the panoramic views before us. The winds were gusting from every direction, so of course, being with Adam, we had to take a selfie.

Back on the road and traveling at a steady clip, we snacked on junk food, chatting and cruising along listening to good tunes. A bit down the road, I looked at my phone and then at the clock on the dashboard and then at Adam and asked him what time he had on his phone, and what the heck, the time on our phones had jumped ahead an hour.....As I put the petal to the metal, Adam contacted the turquoise shop with a slim hope that maybe they were staying open late that evening. Unfortunately, they were not... Our bad. We felt like a couple kids being told our birthday parties are cancelled. A couple hours later though, it was already funny and something to look back and laugh about.

So we ventured into the sweet little town of Kingman and hastily checked out some of the shops as they were prepping to close, and stumbled across a new artist residency, ArtHub. If you're ever in Kingman, make sure to stop in and have a peek. With the sun going down, we rounded a corner and discovered The Spinster, a charming little dwelling where knitting circles still happen, wool is hand felted and dyed, and the yarn is divine.

With all the shops closing for the evening, we spotted an adorable place to curl up for dinner, The Sirens Cafe. The lovely staff walked us through their kitchen into a quaint outdoor seating area in back where we feasted on the best salad we had the entire trip and mouth watering gyros. During our meal live bagpipes could be heard playing from the fire station, and as I took a deep breath, my heart expanded, and I thought 'there is no place I'd rather be then right here, right now.'

After good food and great conversation, we headed down Route 66 to the motel we had scouted before our journey, the 
El Trovatore

Upon arriving at reception, we were greeted by Taco, the motel pup, who does tricks for treats. We signed up for a room, paid the route rate of 66.00 and headed off to our 'stagecoach' room. 

After a great nights sleep away from any sounds of the city, we packed up and made our way to the Turquoise shop. My heart began to flutter as we pulled up front, and as we opened the door to the shop, I gasped. Pulling my jaw off the floor, I had to take a moment to pause and slowly take in the magic we were surrounded by. Drowning in a sea of turquoise, we made a lap around the room, ooh-ing and aah-ing, collecting a small group of beautifully calibrated turquoise pieces. After having our gems weighed and priced, we reluctantly had to put most of it back. Talk about having expensive taste!  After culling a much smaller grouping and having it weighed, we went for it. I don't know how many times I checked and double checked to see where this tiny, precious paper bag was in my luggage, if it was supported properly, if it was still in there, can I take a peek again.. until I resigned myself to needing to get a grip and get back on the road. The road to heaven is paved with turquoise, y'all.

With our treasures in hand and our heads still swimming, we headed back to Las Vegas, returned our rental and made our way to the airport. Upon arriving, we learned our flight had been delayed, so we stretched out on our luggage, Adam doing word search puzzles, and me, continuing to check and recheck my precious paper bag.

We finally arrived back in Houston, greeted by familiar sounds of construction, people and the perpetual humidity. We were stiff, exhausted, stinky, a little delirious.. and yet completely exhilarated and alive. After getting home and checking once, (okay, three times) more on my precious cargo, I drifted off to sleep in a turquoise trance, a giddy twinkle in my eye and the thought that life itself is a journey. Love, laugh and enjoy the ride.

 love, the wanderlust gang

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